Saturday, 5 March 2011

Beautiful Bottles.

Well my Saturday morning has been spent clearing the clutter from my louis style dressing table, ready for it's latest addition. Whilst browsing on a wonderful website, I came across these beautiful glass perfume bottles, complete with a working atomizer, they're available in a clear glass or pink. I personally went for the pink but had to try and resist getting both! There's loads of stores stocking similar reproductions of antique bottles, so if you haven't got an afternoon free to be thrifting round the charity shops, you wont be stuck for choice. Here's a few to get you started...

Glass Perfume bottles by KiKi, £21,

Three cut glass crystal by Figa&co Ltd, £29.50,

Large silver glass bottle with ribbon, £25.50, as above

Mirrored bottle with ribbon, £12, M&S


  1. just gorgeous. I used to have a lovely perfume bottle, but after time it got clogged and despite my best efforts, wouldn't unclog. Then it broke!

    I should get another one, I like the pink one too. And the silver, they're beautiful.

  2. These are just lovely ,reminds you of Nanas dresser,hers was crystal with a black tassle,I collect minature perfumes but not the lovely bottles ummmmm,I can feel another wanting coming on lol..

  3. Hi aww thanks for the comments, I totally know what you mean about your grandmothers dresser. My mom has a lovely collection of art deco perfume bottles that I always remember playing with! I really want them all, think I should start a little collection of my own, good excuse to buy!